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The Creation of Adam and the iMac
 Awesome: Apple hides Michelangelos hand of Adam reaching for knowledge in touch patent filing

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E-cigs get Social

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FIAT Street Evo App

I came across the FIAT Street Evo app recently and was impressed by the numbers claimed at the end of the clip.

  1. 1 million signs spotted
  2. Great feedback
  3. The most viewed Fiat brochure in history!

Tesco Homeplus Virtual Store
Nespresso Key Fob
A simple swipe of my fob allows me to be identified on the system and with the arrival of mobile terminals in Selfridges I'll be able to order my pods without standing in the queue
AXA Print Ads
Physical Meets Data Can a picture replace 140 characters? lets you try just that
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  1. The Fiat Evo app is one of the best launch ideas for new cars that I've seen in a long time as well as a really innovative use of QR codes. A lot of brands/agencies think using a QR code is the idea when it's actually just a piece of tech when not backed up with an awesome concept.