Thursday, 20 May 2010

What's The Social Technographics Profile Of Your Customers?

Courtesy of Forrester , you can now classify consumers into six overlapping levels of social participation ( check out the explanation ) . Based on survey data you can see how participation varies among different groups of consumers, globally. You can also analyze the participation of people who buy technology.

They have kindly let me embed the tool here for you to classify your customers.

  • Bars indicate the percentage of the selected demographic that are in each Social Technographics group.
  • The white marks indicate the same percentages for the whole population of the country selected.
  • The index indicates how the demographic compares to the population — a score of 100 means the demographic is the same as the population average.
  • The message "No data available" appears when you request a profile for which our survey samples are not large enough to provide a reliable answer. This occurs for age groups in Japan, Metro China, and South Korea. To see profiles in these countries, set the Age to "Not specified".

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It Was All About The Conversation

Groundswell co-author Josh Bernoff displays a new Social Technographics ladder that adds another type of participant — the Conversationalist — or someone who updates their status updates and participates in quick conversations on Twitter and Facebook. I guess that makes iamgfc a Conversationalist too 

Thanks to Jason Falls for originally commenting on this


Don't make them stops them doing !

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Testing , Testing, 3,2,1!

Okay okay, I know that the old testing call often employed on stage by some stand up comic testing their microphone is ‘Testing testing 1,2 3,’ , but let’s take it for granted that I haven’t mistakenly written a Stand Up Comic Checklist, but that actually I want to say a few words about the importance of testing in email marketing.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Who wants my vote the most?

Back in February with the General election yet to be announced, I signed up with the 3 main political parties to get their emails.
As we are now only a matter of days to Election Day, I thought I should write a couple of posts on how much they actually wanted my vote .
So lets take a look at the number of emails I got sent

As of yesterday the counts stood at

Labour - 1
Conservatives - 17
LibDems - 25

And no that's not a mistake...Labour actually only sent me 1 email!! I thought it might be a problem with my service so I registered another email address...and that resulted in just the welcome email. Crikey Gordon, I actually wanted to hear what you were saying and your team ignored me!

So, after Round 1...Labour are thrown out of the contest