Monday, 19 July 2010

Socrates and Social Media, The Internet, Blogs etc

Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for. -Socrates

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Persuasion can be boiled down to 3 success factors

Ethos - before you can convince an audience, they have to accept you as credible
Pathos - the quality of a persuasive argument that appeals emotionally
Logos - is synonymous with a logical argument, does it make sense

This is as true today with any form of marketing communication as it was in the 4th Century BC 

Thank you Aristotle

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Email Address – The Key to Multi-Channel Marketing

I’ve written recently on a variety of sites about the life that is still left in email marketing – (see for example Social Penguin). With the variety of marketing channels that marketers have to contend with to reach the customer’s ear, are we missing a trick with the importance of the email address?
J-P De Clerk talks about email being his ‘interaction hub’. ”Skype sends me a mail when I missed a call or when someone left a message. Twitter does when someone sent me a DM. Facebook sends me emails when I received an invitation to be “friends” or a mail. LinkedIn friendship requests and group updates: it’s all in the inbox. FriendFeed connections: inbox. StumbleUpon messages, Diggfriends, YouTube subscribers, Delicious, comments on my blogs, statistics, social media engagement data: it’s all coming via email. No wonder my email client is my RSS reader as well.”
Clickz article talks about how the inbox is destined to become the personal dashboard of many
”The integration of social, mobile and e-mail has already begun to settle inside the inbox.Gmail lets me update my status on Facebook, send a tweet, update my blog, and write an e-mail to my mom – all from the same interface. Yahoo integrates with IM and its “What’s New” tab shows status updates from a wide variety of services. Even a beta version of Outlook 2010 integrates social networking. Facebook and MySpace have announced plans to provide primary inboxes as part of their communities. All of this is now accessible everywhere from PCs to iPads to smartphones.”
Even my own blog and Twitter accounts supply me with news about individuals interested in my thoughts.
Jonathan Macdonald of This Fluid World spoke with great engagement at the eCircleconference in Munich about the focus on the individual or citizen as he put it and that focus does need to include an understanding how they lives around using the technology of today
It seems that we are witnessing a real opportunity for the email address to be the key to the many disparate and yet connected channels that today’s consumer (for want of a better word because being a consumer is just one of the mind sets individuals can be in at any one time) logs in and out of repeatedly and frequently during their day (and indeed night).
Client marketers or their communications agencies can create a master key to each of these channels, and use that in conjunction of a better understanding of a ‘consumer’s’ mind set and the channel they are using at that point to ensure that not only the right message is sent at the right time, but also though the right medium.
Of course there are many challenges on the way – such as multiple email addresses, privacy issue and obviously understanding our customers or potential customers better.
But then Rome wasn’t built in a day

This post originally appeared on the eCircle blog

What has my email marketing programme got to do with CRM and Customer Experience?

In the bad old days ( or good old days if your hat was thrown in the ring with TV and Print), brands spoke at customers, interrupting their daily lives in the hope that it would cause a reaction . That reaction being that they would purchase your product, based on how the message defined the brand.

You could also argue that email marketers followed a similar route. The substantially cheaper version of ‘’spray and pray’’ was adopted by many brands and indeed encouraged by email service providers who hid behind a very thin veil of targeting to justify a great deal of finger wagging at those unaccountable ATL marketers.

But obviously the world has changed .The ‘advertising' landscape has changed alongside. And it has changed from a communications perspective in a number of ways.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Email and Social Media

Mike over at The Social Penguin asked me about how best to combine the 2 and whether ''email was dead?''. I'm very happy that he decided to post my thoughts