Thursday, 8 December 2011

Darth Vader : The Hero of the Story

We are often told that the days of TV Campaigns are over.

Politely I would say 'balderdash' to that. TV Campaigns still have a place in the marketing mix, especially where they create an opportunity to create a conversation. Creating shareable content is one form of conversation. Last I looked, this commercial had been viewed over 44 million times on YouTube alone. This is a great example of creating a conversation piece that spans the Paid- Owned-Earned opportunities.

Why does this commercial work? Because it's a story where really the centerpiece of the story is the little boy in the Darth Vader suit..although you could argue that the hero of the story is the dad with the remote. The car is just an enabler.

I'm a CRM type through and through, but with fantastic creative like this I'm all for keeping these conversation pieces alive.

May the Force be with you

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Give Us our Daily Bread ..2

Following on from Give Us our Daily Bread, and having spent a few hours in Belgium last week moderating the

Customer-Centric and Multi-Channel Conversion Success panel at Fusion Marketing Experience in Antwerp, I saw this at Antwerp Central Railway Station.

Yes, that's right a Sliced Bread Vending Machine. 

I'm getting the impression that bread is important to the French and the Belgians.