Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Introducing Groupon Now !

All part of the Glocal thing - Global going Local that is. Although it would be great if Groupon could tailor my daily email deals offers!

Although according to this article from Mobile Commerce Daily Groupon's main challenge is customer retention. The location thing is all over the press at the moment but that does need to be used in conjunction with what else they might know about me as individual. The deals need to be relevant in more ways than just proximity. Surely my preference for Pizza over Thai is important, and the fact that I used the 'Free Muffin with my Coffee' offer when last in this shopping centre

And in fact, it would seem that with this trial as reported in Advertising Age , Groupon could be on the verge of linking transactions to a richer vein of customer data by using the store loyalty card. Seems like a smart move. And as the article suggests, get a view on the longer term return of discounting.

What do you think?

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