Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Email’s Inner Circle

What makes me open an email no matter what the subject line, no matter what time it arrives ?
While we as email marketers try every trick, follow every best practice there is to get our open rates and clicks up, there is no doubt in my mind that as consumers we have particular ‘From’s that we look out for and open in an instant .

These are few in number and indeed do form an inner circle of trusted emails. But what gets you into that inner circle?

I’ve been asked to sit on the panel at the DMA event on Thursday 6th October to mark the release of the DMA’s Email Tracking Study which asks consumers their views on the emails marketers are sending them and more.

I’m sure there will be some provocative stuff from Dela Quist at Alchemy Worx as well as all the detail from Paul Seabrook, director at fast.MAP.

If you’re interested then you can find out more on the DMA’s website by clicking here.

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