Thursday, 11 August 2011

From Crowd Sourcing to Crowd Tapping

A new way for Brands to connect with and reward consumers
Essentially it allows rewarding of actions like completing surveys, voting polls, participating in a live-online discussions or sharing brand-related content with a few friends via social media and the Crowdtap platform. The reward points  can be redeemed for things like  Amazon gift cards, or  donations to a charity.


  1. Although the name might be new, the idea and mechanics behind crowdtap aren't. Incentived communities and customer panels have been around as far back as the ancient greek and Rome. I am sure your all time favorite aristotle used it ;) Where the crowd would receive bread for their opinion in the Gladiator arena. Thumb up or thumb down?

    But all kidding aside, this isn't a new concept. Similar platforms have been around, I recall buzzer off the top of my head as a dutch initiative started in 2005 having a lot of similarities.

  2. Well you know me Jordie, I'm a big fan of the theory that nothing is new! By the way, I found a great directory of crowdsourcing / tapping / funding sites here Check it out