Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Why should I sign up to your newsletter?

Although many of us will have multiple email addresses, the sharing of these addresses with organisations that are going to market to us is still a sign of trust.

One of the easiest ways to keep that trust is obviously not to fill a recipient's inbox with a flood of emails.

Its also important to give something back. And by that I mean giving them something non subscribers can't get or priority access to that content

If you are creating "shareable" content, such as a reviews, videos, photos, or content that's meant for social communities, create a special version for them. Even better, give them the "sneak peak" first. Let them find the value and then start disseminating it to their friends. Let word-of-mouth work to your advantage with your e-mail list members. It could very well be access to a 'VIP' area of your website

If they get access via a "sneak peek" before anyone else, they'll want to share that sneak peek with their own 'email list', because that makes them look like they're "in the know." And what do you get? get others wanting to be part of that 'inner circle'

Of course this also applies if your e-mail contains special offers, coupons, or time-sensitive information. It'll help encourage others to sign up for your newsletter or e-mail list. It's all about thinking you're getting something others are not.

Just remember to tell would be subscribers that this is part of the deal..tell them what they can expect in return for their email address.

Tell them what to expect and when to expect it. If you get it right, they will actually notice when it doesn't turn up!!


  1. I think you have this spot on - I suggest to (@gourmetbutcher) that they should offer twitter only specials to trial the social media channel. They are on twitter but don't seem to be very active - it could be a great route for them.
    Their dm and catalogue mailings are good but everyone gets them - it would be good to get more personal offers.

  2. Hi Jonathan..thanks for the comment. If it's good enough for Dell and Dominos Pizza why not Donald Russell as is great meat by the way!!

    gianfranco aka gfc