Thursday, 10 May 2012

Multi-Channel Expectations

Customers more likely to become loyal where the multi-channel shopping experience is integrated.

A recent whitepaper  (registration required) from Hybris highlighted how this was particularly relevant for the in-store experience where 19% of customers said they browsed on their mobile device. this was mainly to compare prices, 66% but also to compare products, 27%. Only 7% did as I did today when shopping for tile cleaning solutions, and read online reviews

It was interesting to note how the online purchase mirrored the experience in-store, with customer highlighting Easy Navigation and being able to see product (images) being key.

Buying online didn't mean they all wanted to return items via the post or by courier. Almost half wanted the option to return items to the store - a service which more and more of the UK retailers are already providing, M&S, House of Fraser, Reiss, Ted Baker all do this.

The report highlights the fact that customers who use more than one channel show greater brand loyalty and spend 30% more where they are offered an integrated multi-channel experience. None more so than me who will even get items delivered to a store in a city i'm visiting for the day on business. So I'm more likely to stick with retailers such as John Lewis and House of Fraser where I can order today at home but pick up after a meeting in London tomorrow.

Of course what tops the experience off is the level of communication I get from all these brands via email and SMS letting me know at what stage the order is. None get much better than ASOS at this who even let you cancel the order if it is yet to be processed ( especially useful if you've forgotten to use your 15% off code first time round!)

The need to integrate the experience through web and offline has never been greater!

Funnily enough, shipping costs (48%) was more likely to prevent a sales than the item being out of stock (Interesting!)

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