Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Who wants my vote the most?

Back in February with the General election yet to be announced, I signed up with the 3 main political parties to get their emails.
As we are now only a matter of days to Election Day, I thought I should write a couple of posts on how much they actually wanted my vote .
So lets take a look at the number of emails I got sent

As of yesterday the counts stood at

Labour - 1
Conservatives - 17
LibDems - 25

And no that's not a mistake...Labour actually only sent me 1 email!! I thought it might be a problem with my service so I registered another email address...and that resulted in just the welcome email. Crikey Gordon, I actually wanted to hear what you were saying and your team ignored me!

So, after Round 1...Labour are thrown out of the contest

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