Wednesday, 23 November 2011

DMA Email Event - Key Takes Outs

Luckily in the audience during my presentation at the DMA Email Winback Event was Email Marketing Expert, Kath Pay from Plan to Engage.

These were her key takes outs as Tweeted during the session

Thanks Kath!

@iamgfc device - use media queries to determine which device they're reading your emails on so as to deliver the correct version #dmaemail

@iamgfc in the real world you can read body language to see if they're interested in what your saying - apply this logic to email #dmaemail

@iamgfc timing - understand latency for your brand/product - maximize key moments of truth#dmaemail @dmaemail

@iamgfc nothing lasts forever - understand the Lifecycle of your consumer. Consider timing content context and device #dmaemail @dmaemail

@iamgfc they never got your email - ask for re-entering your address- preferable to dbl opt in for list growth purposes #dmaemail @dmaemail

@iamgfc never active - I.e. competition subscribers. Value of these subscribers are different to your regular subscriber - think of ROI.

@iamgfc defining inactive - they were never active, never got your email, they never last forever#dmaemail @dmaemail

@iamgfc defining inactives will differ if you're a client, an ESP or an ISP. Very true. #dmaemail@dmaemail

@iamgfc don't underestimate the power of a thank you email, that arrives in your inbox immediately#dmaemail @dmaemail

@iamgfc important to meet expectations during subscribe process. Ask what other channels they'd like to hear from you #dmaemail @dmaemail

@iamgfc understand what your consumers are doing on a day 2 day basis so you can ensure your content is relevant @dmaemail #dmaemail

the conversation engineer @iamgfc is up now - how to keep the flame burning @dmaemail #dmaemail

You can follow Kath via @kathpay

Oh, and I'm @iamgfc by the way.

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