Monday, 28 November 2011

Customer Experiences, Brands Might Want Us to Forget

I was looking thought my Twitter Stream this morning ( @iamgfc) , as one does over a Nespresso Roma coffee when I noticed this Promoted Tweet from Sainsbury's

Now I'm not in the market currently for Netbook nor Laptop but it triggered a memory of an in-store deal I came across a few months ago again in Sainsbury's.
Here is the photo I took

Now at the time I was in the market, so the promise of a mark down I looked a little closer at the deal

Now you have to admit , that's not exactly the Sale of the Century!!

But anyway, I gave the Sainsbury's Tweet a second chance and clicked through on the link..and saw this,

I've done a lot of work for clients where the campaigns have delivered in terms of clicks etc, but then we get a lecture on the lack of resultant sales. Is it any surprise that this post by Gerry McGovern on the Fusion Marketing Experience event site, and the importance of the First Click resonated with me?

Anyway, in the end., John Lewis got my business. Enough said

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