Monday, 16 April 2012

eCRM Muppets

Assuming that the target market was milk purchasers with children in the family that love the Muppets then the latest packaging promotion / eCRM program by Arla for Cravendale milk certainly hit the mark with us.

The promotion that ties in with the recent Disney release of the Muppets Movie, encourages you to collect 20 unique codes and get an 'awesome' ( a little too American?) Kermit backpack as well as enjoying Muppet games and content at Cravendale's milkmatters website .

Of course the website they direct you to via the packaging is But as the promotion has ended as I write this, there is a holding page with some contact details.

 One negative comment to make is that when I actually entered all my codes in ..yes 20..and we now have 12 litres of milk in the fridge!..the copy suggested that I could still collect and claim as long as I saw the special labels in store. Well this morning they were still visible in my local supermarket but the holding page suggests the promotion is over.

But I digress.

I am actually writing in praise of this program despite a few niggles ( although so far as I am yet to receive any follow up communications or indeed my Kermit backpack - do I really need to wait up to 28 days??) .

To start its a a simple mechanic, and I'll assume that the number of codes I need to collect is not just a random number but some how ties in with the business/marketing objectives for the programme - is Cravendale trying  to increase usage?..gain new customers?..increase web traffic?..boost Facebook likes?..

Even if you don't go straight to the muppets page, offers an option as to whether you want to go to the main website or the promotion ( compare with comparethemarket vs comparethemeerkat) .

Voucher entry is relatively simple ( as long as you can read the code printed on the inside of the label)and in fact you are given a bonus code if you share the promotion on your Facebook page..nice little exchange going on there

As your code is validated,  a new character enters the gallery and after every 5 codes, you unlock a surprise and delight element to keep you excited about the next 5

This is shown both on screen 

and via an email, ensuring I get the reminder next time I go to my inbox

Once I've created my Gonzo toy out of the pdf and a bottle, I'll be sure to share with you.

One more niggle. There is a help section ( great!), but when I emailed saying that 2 of my codes were un readable and hence could not be entered, I didn't get a reply. I know it was Friday afternoon and the promotion ended the next day..but if you're going to offer to help then do!

I was congratulated on collecting my 20 codes

..and the data collections wasn't too much, just enough to get me my backpack and an opportunity to receive Disney emails..not Arla which was surprising. Makes you wonder who had the real clout in pulling together the promotion?

And of course this was confirmed via email.

So I guess I can now sit back and wait for my Disney emails and my lovely Kermit backpack.

Of course while enjoying the odd game at milkmatters, and enjoying the Muppet Movie.


  1. why are emails not optimised for image blocking?
  2. the confirmation email actually has no links what so ever to get me back to your website? Do you not want me back now that I've bought all that milk?
  3. why no Twitter ?. 

....someone else has even hijacked the promo to sell voucher codes using Twitter and eBay!

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