Sunday, 22 April 2012

Putting the Brand at the Heart of the Customer

I know, we all thought that the Customer was the focus. Indeed they are. But to mis-quote from John F Kennedy’s inauguration speech

 ‘And so, my fellow Marketers: ask not what your customer can do for you - ask what you can do for your customer.’

We know that traditionally the model has been for the Brand to have the upper hand in the relationship with it’s customer. But we believe that has changed. Don’t we ? Well yes and no.

Today’s customer no doubt does have more control.
The way they buy has changed
The way they research has changed
And they undoubtedly talk, comment, review our products in a completely different way to say even 5 years ago

Does this put the brand on the back foot? I suggest that actually it’s an opportunity for brands to become as important as ever in customers’ lives.

How? By listening to customers’ needs at every touch point in their journey to whatever they are trying to do. That might be the journey to purchase your product or it might be an opportunity for the brand to help customers in their everyday lives by just making things easier and better.
Yes of course we can sell more by understanding how customers buy, but we can actually sell more just by sometimes being there when customers need help or have a problem.

In reality what does that mean? Here are a few examples that I've liked recently

As we continue to tighten our belts we still need to eat
– even when we are on the motorway where food is notoriously expensive.
So the Moto app provides us with a Deal of the Day to make prices more palatable.

When tyring to sell a car, very kindly
sent me an email confirming my appointment, but also gave me the option to change the appointment time with a link in the email.
In the end I didn't sell my car to them but the service was amazing

I sometimes treat myself to a lovely sandwich from my local deli Mairs. And I can tell you they are amazing!

But on one Saturday lunchtime...

And what did I get back?

So of course I go back!

At the checkout in Sainsbury's,
they automatically compare your baskets branded goods with their main competitors and are honest enough to tell you if your shop would have been cheaper elsewhere.
( Brand Match)

And as a result offer to give you money off on your next visit.

In one way or another, these are examples of great use of different touch-points to enhance the customer experience. Making life easier.

Great examples of eCRM

Great examples of everywhere CRM

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