Thursday, 26 April 2012

More of this, less of that

I haven't been speaking to HMV recently - that's Amazon's fault to be honest .

Well HMV noticed and sent me a very nice email asking me to tell them what I wanted to hear about.

The Customer Preference page they sent me too was a nice example of how you can make these pages a little more engaging.

It let me switch my emails on or off and provided sliders to let me decide which of the categories I wanted to hear more or less about..

A couple of nice touches were the inclusion of :

My nearest store details - nice multi-channel touch although shame they didn't ask me to confirm that was my Preferred Store

An indication of how many emails I might expect to get from them - although again an option to change that would have been a great move

The acid test is...will I notice any difference in next weeks emails?

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