Thursday, 19 April 2012

It's Official - I Love Space NK apothecary

I didn't dislike Space NK to start with, but over the last 48 hours they have gone above and beyond my expectations after my gripe on Tuesday.

After that post was spotted by their CRM team I received an email apologising for me not getting my Birthday Gift as part of the their N.dulge Rewards Scheme. They then rang me to check my contact details and to explain what had possibly gone wrong and promised that my gift would be with me today, Thursday.

At that point I was happy. Not only was the issue going to be rectified, but someone had read my blog!

So imagine how much more happier I was when this morning rather than a Gift Voucher arriving for me to redeem in store, the ensemble pictured below arrived Special Delivery.

You sent it Special Delivery..Nice..The Handwritten Note...Great... The Goodies.. Fantastic!

Thank you Space NK

The result? A very happy customer, who

- has already been back to the site to look at some treats for the family birthdays coming up
- will show off to his wife about how her favourite store in Harrogate is looking after me
- is blogging about it
- has followed them on both Twitter  ( @iamgfc) and Facebook

The original post talked about how 40% of consumers give their loyalty because their issue is resolved in a way that exceeds expectations.

Count me in that segment ( as well as the segment that smells nice today)

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