Thursday, 9 April 2009

Jump Starting the Buying Process

It is must difficult to find a B2B sector that is not suffering at the moment. Budgets have been frozen, removed, delayed, put on hold and even where budgets still exist, the decision making process has changed with more and more buying decisions now having to be ratified at a more senior level.

The traditional way of grading leads using some form of Budget, Authority, Need and Timing (BANT) process would now seem to be useless – mainly as the customers process has stalled

One of the key ways to try and Jump start the process is to make the customer realise that the Need they thought they had is still there! One of the ways organisations try and do this is by sending through the ‘ours is cheaper’ message. But is doesn’t matter how cheap it is if they don’t think they Need it!

A smarter way of re-igniting the Interest in the Need, is to take a much more front foot approach about how important the issue is and in fact how it can perhaps drive a customers organisation out of the recession.

Customers are usually driven by one of two factors: Generating Demand and Decreasing Costs.

Surely the former is a much more engaging and attractive conversation?

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