Thursday, 17 May 2012

In-store Purchases Stopped because of Mobiles

A new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau in the US says that 53pc of mobile users stop an in-store purchase because of their phone.

The stat was lifted from and although US centric I'm sure it's a factor here in the UK.  Indeed I can say that Foyles at St. Pancras Station in London loses most of my book purchases because of my Amazon app.

But it strengthens my belief that a multi-channel experience is key or retailers  . This is not something that will go away, so retailers need to face up to it and think about the reasons why the purchase was stopped

38 percent have done because they found a better price in another store,  
30 percent because they found a better price on line, 
- obvious pricing needs to be competitive but how can the overall shopping experience be improved or even tailored to the individual. What do you need to do to get that sale?

21 percent because they found a better item on line, 
- why don't you have that item in store or available on your e-commerce site?

11 percent because they saw a negative review,
- so surely you knew about the negative reviews? and what about offering alternatives?

11 percent because they could not find information on the product they were planning to purchase.
 - ever thought of QR codes on your shelves to facilitate research?

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