Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Undiscovered Country

Well, it would be fair to suggest that in terms of the current economic climate we are certainly venturing where no man has been before…on how boldly or indeed wisely the jury is still out.

But would it not be great to have our brave heroes from the Starship Enterprise plc at the helm?

Captain Kirk as the CEO setting the course for us to follow, determining the Strategy for the foreseeable future – well the next 50 minutes at least!

But of course he needs to have the voice of reason and logic behind him in the guise of CFO Mr Spock, determining what is of value and formulating the risk strategy.

Backing them both up is Dr. McCoy in his role as Head of HR, bringing a touch of humanity to the proceedings, Uhura looking after External Communications. And of course Scotty. Well, we all need a Cassandra telling us that ‘ she’s gonna blow!!’

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