Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Charles I.. Father of Direct Mail

A likely story..but in fact the Royal Mail was made available to the public by Charles I in 1635 with postage being paid by the recipient. Of course the recipient doesn't normally pay the postage these days..well, not unless you are receiving a direct mail piece from Alfa Romeo. Can you believe that I actually trotted off to the Royal Mail Sorting Office to retrieve an item for which the postage had been overpaid and it turned out to be a direct mail piece trying to sell me an Alfa Romeo Brera. Now, I was less than pleased that I had made a trip just for this..but what made it worse was that I actually already own the said car !! So not only did someone get the postage wrong..they can't even seem to run a database properly!

I believe Charles ended up losing his head......

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