Friday, 29 January 2010

Test, Learn, Change, Repeat

“Company marketers will never get the data from digital marketing without testing, so I would encourage those who have not historically leveraged search, social media, mobile and other interactive advertising channels to do their homework to establish a digital marketing roadmap and start testing and capturing data.”

One thing that strikes me here is this idea of the Digital Roadmap. As mentioned yesterday by Alasdair Wightman, Chairman of awadigital, many organisations want to change their Digital Strategy overnight. I agree with Alasdair that this can't happen in a 'Big Bang' moment. Organisations needs to still adhere to the basics of Test, Learn, Change, Repeat. It's only by sticking with this philosophy that we can begin to understand what works best in practice with our audiences. This applies whether we are talking about email campaigns, site usability and even social media campaigns. It forces us to do the most important things which are to listen to what our customers are saying, and to watch what they are doing.

Alasdair was speaking at a Making Digital Work Harder for Your Business event co-hosted with

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