Friday, 6 August 2010

Consumers prefer email to social and text?

According to research by marketing firm smartFOCUS, email contact is more acceptable to people than contact through social media and text messages.

Indeed, some 71 per cent of those questioned said they prefer to be informed of new products and services via email.

Just 21 per cent said social media was their favourite way to receive marketing material, while only five per cent named text messaging.

Telemarketing came out as the least popular method, with none of the respondents expressing a preference for it and more than half citing it as their least favourite way to be contacted.

Commenting on the findings, Tim Watson, operations director at smartFOCUS, said: "Email has developed into a mature, primary source of information for both consumers and marketers.

"If companies want to communicate effectively with customers, they need to do so using the channels that customers use and interact with the most."

First posted by The IDM

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