Friday, 12 November 2010

Social Media and B2B..What's the Point ?

A recent Forrester study that remarks on how B2B marketers and their customers are more likely to engage in Social Media activities.But what's the point? In consumer world we might very well engage in Social Media activities purely because we are social's part of our make up. But as B2B customers, this engagement is usually as a result of a need to learn, understand and ultimately buy something.

As marketers, we need to understand this and with that in mind, surely its obvious that we need to be setting ourselves marketing objectives that align to customer wants and hence our business needs. And yet we often go blindly into Social Media because the agency have it on their agenda.

Social Media is no different to any other media, it needs an ROI attached to it. I'm hoping some of the speakers at Next Generation Marketing will cover that.

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