Friday, 3 December 2010

Next Generation Marketing -Berlin

This was an awesome conference.

For me it what was a conference should all be about: Inspiration, Theory and Practice. So I wanted to out down a few words about what the real take out for me was.

Fundamentally we are Human Beings and as such want to be treated as such, and it doesn't matter if we are talking B2C or B2B. We don't want to be spoken at we want to be spoken with. Yes it is All About the Conversation, with a recognition that we want to have these conversations at a time and place that suits us, not the marketers.

If as brands we can learn to listen before we even think about speaking then we are well on the way being there for our customers before we attempt to sell them anything.

Yes, I recognise the fact that technology has changed rapidly over the last 10 years,5 years, 12 months, 7 days! And we have to keep pace with how this technology is changing the way the conversation takes place and the speed with which it takes place. But at the other end of the tweet, mobile app, Facebook page, net book widget is someone like me (well not exactly like me but you get the idea). Someone who might have a need to learn more about a product , a service or an idea before fully committing to it. Educate and inspire me and I might become a willing disciple. Stop me from what I am doing in order to force feed me brand speak and I will walk the other way.

In the words of Rick Segal from Gyro HSR

Thinks heart not head
Ideate not execute
Care not convince
Give back don't take
Join the flow, don't stop it

I will write more soon but for now, thank you KGS for a great conference.

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