Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Seamless Customer Experience - Well Not Quite!

Maybe it's because I talk about Customer Experience that I notice these things - but surely it rubs 'normal' people the wrong when brand get it annoyingly wrong...especially when I get two in one day.


I'm flying to take part in the 3rd Fusion Marketing Experience tomorrow, and booked with BMI who ,as with most other international airlines offer online check in for their flights

Now I like online check-in, if only because it often means an extra 30 minutes in bed for an early departure from home.

So, I've booked via the BMI website, and do realise that I am actually travelling with one of their partners - SN Brussels. But that matter not to me, as far as I am concerned its BMI.

I duly get my confirmation email

that obviously confirms everything and has the following link,

Fantastic! Especially about the Online Check-in...''Check-in online to save time at the airport" ..Music to my ears.

So, my flight is at 10.40am and it gets to 11am the day before and I'm itching to check-in

What do I get as I try?

Ouch! I'm sure I have the right booking reference. I'm sure I've booked a flight!

After 3 attempts, I decide to ring the number at which point I get told that as the flight is not operated by BMI I can't check in online.

Now I'm slightly irritated. But I decide to check on that original link that actually does lead me to a page telling me just that.

And to rub the wound with a little salt, I get an email at 3pm saying

But why could you not have put that into the original confirmation email? We have the technology honestly!!

Talking of technology..

TFM&A - Manchester

and I quote..


So I get an email from them again today,with

Hi Gianfranco,We'd like to invite you to an exclusive programme of keynote content ateCommerce Expo & TFM&A Manchester, designed to support you on your marketing and ecommerce journey. And what better way to stay on top of the latest trends than hearing it straight from the companies driving the industry forward?

and the link.

An I think..I'm registered for the event. But you know, maybe I thought I had and I'll just register now.

So I click!

Double ouch!

I know we have the technology..it's in the conference name ( I'm sure that's what the T is for? 

I wonder if any of the exhibitors might help out next year

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