Thursday, 23 August 2012

The One About QR Codes, Paypal and Retail

Of course we live in a digitally fuelled e-commerce world

But actually sometimes the idea of wandering down the aisles of a book store is appealing - especially if you are a fresher at college and the lecturer has just given you your reading list.

Now that causes an issue when in the first week of the new academic year all the students are rushing down to the campus book store.

So what about using QR codes of the most popular titles in the book store window to allow students to order as they walk past and before they've spent all their allowance on beer and pizza!

As soon as I do my book tour, I'll be sure to have QR codes promoting my book sales as the audience leave the auditorium

Perhaps we could see

Coffee shops sell their coffee beans for home delivery
Theatres promote their next production,
Museums remind visitors about their o-nline gift shops
Churches suggest Bible scriptures for the week

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