Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Preference Centre Balance

There is always that temptation at the beginning of any relationship to try too hard. Wanting to know every piece of information and turning a potential relationship into an interrogation.
Information Collection Balance

It's a difficult balancing act. You want to maximise subscriptions by not asking too many questions, but you also want to learn about the subscriber to enable personalisation and deliver relevant content.

But instead of attempting a balance, look at the information gathering exercise as a progressive flow where one piece of information gathered leads onto another, perhaps gathered at another moment in time

Information Collection Flow

Of course this is what is usually called Progressive Profiling. And it works.

It can be as simple as adding the option to update your profile on every piece of communication you send out to a subscriber.  A few years ago working with a Life Sciences organisation whose audience were researchers and scientists, we were able to improve the percentage of key fields populated from 25% to 75% in less than 6 months just by incentivising profile updates via the business as usual newsletters.

Newsletter subscription is not an excuse to conduct a market research exercise!

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