Thursday, 11 March 2010

Co-Stealth Marketing Tactics? Mine's a half!

As defined by wikipedia includes the phrase

a marketing company might pay an actor or socially adept person to use a certain product visibly and convincingly in locations where target consumers congregate

Now read this article I came across in the Yorkshire Post

Pub-surgery MP gets beer drenching

Published Date: 10 March 2010
A YORKSHIRE MP was left drenched in beer after an angry constituent poured a drink over her during one of her regular surgeries at a local pub.
Anne McIntosh, the Conservative MP for the Vale of York and one of David Cameron's shadow environment ministers, was left ruing her decision to hold meetings with constituents at The Three Tuns in Thirsk after a half-pint of John Smith's Extra Smooth bitter was poured over her following a disagreement with a local voter.

I'm still trying to decide who wins here, the Tory MR, the Pub or John Smiths!! Or are we seeing the beginning of a new shared channel?


Full Article can be seen here

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