Friday, 11 June 2010

Traditional marketing 'more effective' than digital advertising

Released 07 June 2010: Six out of ten small businesses believe traditional direct marketing is more effective than online marketing, according to a new survey

87 per cent of companies believe printed marketing tools are "somewhat to very effective" at attracting customers.

Another 61 per cent think they are actually better at bringing in business than web-based advertising.

The research showed that 44 per cent of small firms intend to increase their use of newsletters and direct mail campaigns this year.

However, they are not abandoning digital advertising by any means.

Indeed, some 46 per cent plan to improve their online presence in 2010, while 36 per cent will be using social media to engage with customers.

Around 42 per cent of small companies are considering increasing their overall marketing spend over the next 12 months.

This research was kindly provided to you by courier service FedEx - yes the same FedEx that make their money out of err...delivering printed marketing tools? ( and I borrowed it from an IDM release)

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