Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ok..So if Email is Dead ...

Why are Google trying so hard to get people to ditch their Hotmail and Yahoo etc. accounts and move over to GMail ?

They are promoting Email Interventions  to get you to convince your wayward friends to convert.

Here is there YouTube video explaining how you can help your friends from the embarrassment of outdated email addresses

There must be a reason to put this effort in.

Yahoo and Hotmail are more popular as web destinations as well being more popular as email clients ( see campaign monitor stats here)  and Google want to change this. Google realise that the email address is still the key to this.

I wrote a post on this last year on Email being the key to multi-channel marketing where I referred to an article that stated '' The integration of social, mobile and e-mail has already begun to settle inside the inbox'' 

And to win that battle it's going to be easier on your own soil !... in particular if you already have Google+ and mobile options.

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