Tuesday, 18 September 2012

10 (or so) Interesting Facts to Set You on Your Mobile Path

Worldwide mobile payment users surpassed 141m in 2011, a 38% increase on 2010

Approximately 70% of smart device users are prepared to opt in for comms with their favoured brands
(MIG Research)

50-60% of Twitter usage is via a smartphone and Facebook claim that half it 800m users log in via a mobile device

Mobile users of Facebook spent an average of 5.6 hours on the site in Dec 2010. 11 minutes a day

3m consumers scan QR codes every month

In 2011 worldwide mobile payment volume revenues reached $86bn up over 75% year on year

50% of the UK population will have a smart device and 94% of smartphone owners will use the internet by the end of 2012

29% of smartphone owners use their devices while they shop

38% of shoppers use their smartphone for price comparison and also shop on their phones

 32% read online product reviews and 24% look for online coupons

88% of people check their emails via a mobile device every day

I use my phone for any of this stuff and the battery is dead by lunchtime!!!!

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