Monday, 10 September 2012

Volvo Goes Phygital with V40 Launch

The launch of the new V40 includes an outdoor component that allows consumers to create a personalised V40 while they are waiting for their bus or train. Their choice of colours and alloys etc, will then be translated into an interpretation of their personality in line with Volvo's positioning as being made for individuals

I'm not sure if the following is part of the campaign, but the real positive in this type of activity is where the interactive display allowed some form of data capture, perhaps to send you your personalised car or personality indicator ( and of course in return the brand have some data in return)

Very similar to the Best Buy in store screens.

This 'Phygital' experience developed for Best Buy shows how the retail experience can be used to cover the continued need for product information in store as well providing peer ratings and reviews by employing a Digital Blue Shirt - Blue Shirts obviously referring to the in store advisors who provide the service that Best Buy are famous for in the US.  .

This is all then capped with the opportunity to capture customer information when they leave the store allowing follow up at a later stage through email for example.

Digital Blue Shirt from Modern Climate on Vimeo.

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