Saturday, 8 September 2012


Sorry if you thought I might be writing about the demise of the QR Code.

The actual reverse. It seems that death could be the making of the QR Code with QR Code Memories.

A company in Dorset are using QR codes cut into the tombstone to give mourners, or passers by, the opportunity to link to the deceased's obituary of just a short piece of prose or memory

As can be seen from the description lifted from their website, 
it is a really easy process, as the Tuttiett family discovered when they lost Tim

Tim’s wife, Gill explains; “Tim was a wonderful man, and had a huge character which impacted on a lot of people. When we chose to have his ashes buried and a memorial placed onto the grave, we were given the opportunity to have a QR code fitted. This has given us a chance to bring what Tim meant to us to many other people by way of the website, and helps us keep his memory alive.
The story did remind me of Spike Milligan's famous epitaph

'I told you I was ill'

which was recently voted the UK's favourite epitaph

Other favourites included

Oscar Wilde’s ‘Either those curtains go or I do’ 
Frank Sinatra’s ‘The best is yet to come’, 

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