Friday, 28 September 2012

The Most Opened Email

According to most commentators, the Welcome email stands out as being the one most likely to be opened. One recent statistic I saw was a figure of 60% via PFS Web

This is a real opportunity to not only thank the consumer for signing up but also lay a marker down for the brand experience and drive immediate engagement.

Where an e-commerce platform is involved this often results in slightly conflicting signals being sent out from the brand.

Look at the first emails I got as I registered on the Paul Smith site

The one on the left is obviously the one generated by the e-commerce platform, while the one on the right arrived slightly later and is obviously the email created by the email platform

Is it just me, or does the second email make much more of the brand, re-iterating the benefits of registration and drive engagement?

Transactional emails are just as important as the brand emails. Yes, sometimes there are more restrictions in place but that means you have to give them more thought.

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