Friday, 2 November 2012

Email Open Rates By Time of Day Infographic

Surely 'What time of day is it best to send my emails?' is one of the most asked questions in email marketing?

( Alongside what's an average open rate?)

Some results analysed by GetResponse in Q1 2012 have been used to create this infographic

Hanna Andrzejewska, Communication and Marketing Specialist at GetResponse says

  1. The really important finding was that all messages, no matter what time they were scheduled for, get most opens within the first hour from delivery (up to 23%).
  1. This means that if a message is sent too early (or too late) to top engagement times, it will miss the chance of reaching its maximum results. It simply cannot wait in the inbox for too long.
  1. The research confirmed that the subscribers are most engaged with their inbox content during the working hours: Scanning emails is the first thing they do when they start work — 8-10 a.m. Then, their inbox activity goes down, with the lowest results around lunch, and goes up again shortly before leaving work — 3-4 p.m.
  1. An interesting thing is that the average click rate also increases around 8 p.m., which might mean that this is the time when recipients read through their messages with more attention.

She also told Marketing Sherpa that marketers should

One, schedule your message delivery to match the top engagement times so that [it] doesn’t wait in the mailbox for more than one hour.
Two, aiming at the afternoon upsurge will let you avoid the morning clutter (more marketers schedule their messages to land in inboxes between 6-12 p.m

Exact Target recently published this interesting interview about when to send an email.

Forget the stats. For me it boils down to this shortlist :

1 - Know your audience

That was short, but it breaks down a little further

1 - Understand what they are trying to achieve: Are they researching, buying,using the product

2- Understand how they purchase your product or service : Buying weekly groceries is different buying holidays. So should the communication timings and frequency of email

3- Understand how they consume content : Are they using mobile, tablets or desktops

And remember, if you follow the crowd, you'd better make sure your email is capable of standing out and your customer will look for it above everyone elses

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