Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Driving Customer Loyalty - 25 Key considerations

An ICLP study lists 25 key factors in driving customer loyalty

The report includes key learnings from some well know brands including

Ritz-Carlton who are ahead of the pack in achieving customer-centricity.

The hotel company turned a traditional message into a more customer focused concept – “Let us stay with you”. With a solid focus on more unique and personalised guest experiences at its hotels, Ritz-Carlton is benefiting from a deeper level of engagement with guests, and more loyal customer

Nuffield Health and their use of data

A leading health & fitness organisation with 55 gyms throughout the UK, they used data analytics and predictive modelling to identify potential lapsers and instigate sales and marketing campaigns that would help them retain these members. The model was found to have an accuracy of at least 70% and
helped to identify behaviour that indicated when a member might lapse.

Dell Computers understand loyalty is built on listening and responding.

Establishing trust and building credibility are two key elements of any social interaction – and they are especially vital in the social space where every interaction can be public. Loyalty in Dell’s case stems from fully understanding their customers and their needs and wants – not from market research but from direct communication with a large and very active customer segment. After a number of high profile service disasters, Dell established a social space where faults and problems were acknowledged openly and promptly. Customers could request new features and suggest improvements – and receive feedback. Within a year, Dell’s brand was perceived as both innovative and credible.

The Global Hotel Alliance understanding the importance of local

They launched access to over 1000 “local experiences” as part of their GHA Discovery programme. Groupon Rewards and the growing success of Bloomspot show that deals and incentives work best in
a local environment giving greater control to the individual merchant and targeting
interactions by matching individual behaviours.

The full report and a list of the 25 factors can be downloaded here


  1. I'm a customer of Nuffield Health, and they've got their CRM strategy nailed. They've made it very difficult for me to ever consider leaving. Their approach to customers is consistent throughout and not only does it show, it makes a real difference to my experience each time I go.

  2. we are also using nuffield and really the strategies they used to retain faith in them always never given a second thought for me webs