Saturday, 19 January 2013

Getting High On Customer Reviews..Literally

Amazon has this positive review somewhere on its site.

''Based on the strong recommendations of a number of reviewers on the Amazon site, I recently took a bottle of 2011 Barrettine to a dinner party to which I and my wife had been invited. Handing the bottle proudly to our hostess with the obligatory box of Neuhaus chocolates, I was disappointed to see her somewhat frosty reaction. Assuming this was a judgment on the small size of the bottle, I assured her that Barrettine's had not yet acceded to the popular demands for a full 75cl bottle and that the smaller volume of the bottle should be in no way be seen as detracting from its overall quality. When I later heard the sound of her crying behind the kitchen door, I assumed that this was the result of some disappointment at the over-cooking of the salmon, but in a later email from my hosts I have since been informed that a bottle of Barrettine's is not universally appreciated at such occasions.

I mention this story simply to help other readers avoid such a social 'faux pas' themselves, and in future I will certainly test out my hosts' attitudes with some indirect questions about Barrettine's at the point of invitation. Still, in the context of a wider milieu of cultural mediocrity, I say 'hats off' to Barrettine's for a product that can still excite such strong passions and debate.''

But what is the reviewer, amongst many other's, reviewing? A fine Claret? A Single Malt Whiskey?

Wrong...nothing less than a bottle of methylated spirits

You really do need to check out the rest of the reviews..much better than hotel and restaurant reviews that have been left by the owners themselves! A Ramada hotel being exposed here

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