Friday, 18 January 2013

We All Want Our Video To Go Viral


Well not necessarily because of the views its getting but because we've put something out there that people want to share.

Many branded videos for example get views just because of the marketing budget put behind it . So it's not surprising when content like this from Nike gets over 4 million views and counting

But in reality viral means that the content has been shared, usually via Facebook or Twitter so it was great to see from this Joinvan infographic that the most shared piece of video in 2012 was the Kony2012 piece

Now of course the star of 2012 was of course Psy's Gangnam Style video with over 1 billion views and its amazing the varitaion and copycats it has spawned.

But what makes a video go viral?

Well, according to Hubspot, key considerations include

- keep it short
- having a strong brand persona
- get the 'Is it real?' question asked
- Make it funny

The full list can be seen here

And if you dare go to the bottom of this post, you may even see my own Gangnam Style take.

Woods and Mcllroy beware !

You can always get your Gangnam Style at JibJab.com

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