Monday, 4 April 2011

An A to Z of eCRM - J

J is for Johnson...Lyndon B. Johnson, the American President to be exact.

LBJ used to say that “every handshake is worth 250 votes”.

Nothing deepens a sense of loyalty more than when one feels they have a one-on-one connection with someone. That’s why fans attend rock concerts or brave the winter months to watch their favourite football team – there’s a sense of atmosphere and involvement that can’t be gained any other way.

And whether its B2C or B2B, sometimes it needs to be more than just an email or a mention on Twitter. There's a time place for different media. You might research a car purchase on forums and on the brand website, but nothing can replace the test drive, or the moment the keys are handed over the day you take delivery.

Good eCRM carries on from the email through to the online experience, all the way to the evening when the delivery driver hands over the bags with your groceries.

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