Friday, 15 April 2011

An A to Z of eCRM - Q

Q is for Quiet...I want to be alone

As with any conversation, there are periods when silence happens. 

As a consumer, do I really want a message from you every day trying to sell me another laptop when I only bought one last month? How often do you think I buy expensive pieces of IT as a consumer?

We can’t expect the consumer to want to constantly engage with us so we need to ensure that our eCRM takes into account the customer journey specific to the product and services we provide.

And give consumers the option to temporarily opt out of you comms. It’s a brave thing to do. I know of one travel company that allowed customers to opt out from emails for the period of the year when they never considered booking holidays. As a result they had a drop in unsubscribes of close to 40%.

How comfortable are you in your relationship with your customers to consider this?

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