Wednesday, 6 April 2011

An A to Z of eCRM - K

K is for Klout

OK, I cheated there, K is for Clout

By Clout, I mean the ability to influence – the ability to make people do things, think in a different way and the number of people that influence reaches.

Of course Brands have clout, individuals have clout, and communities have clout.

Part of successful eCRM is to understand where these spheres of influence exist and how they operate and to engage with them. But remember, engaging them is not the same as selling to them. By trying to control the conversation with 100% selling messages you will lose all credibility. 

And of course lets not forget that Consumers should have clout with you. Not only in terms of expecting great customer service, but also in terms of influencing your product development and the way you communicate with them.

But sometimes it is just about being there for your consumers.

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