Monday, 30 July 2012

7 Sins and Top Email Marketing Mistakes - UPDATED

I've read a couple of pieces on this topic in the last few days, so here they are 

Mistake No. 1: Neglecting Buyer Needs

Mistake No. 2: Blasting the Same Message to All Contacts

Mistake No. 3: Failing to Adapt Messaging

Mistake No. 4: Not Linking to Your Website

Mistake No. 5: Ignoring Mobile Email Readers

Mistake No. 6: Not Having a Strategy in Place

Read more:

Not running the SPAM checker

Sending One Big Image

Forgetting the TEXT Version

Over-Zealous Design / CSS Styling

Not Testing Enough

Ignoring CAN-SPAM Compliance Requirements

Ignoring the Inbox Previewer

Deleting and Re-uploading Lists for Each Campaign

Using Poor Email Structure

Not Designing for Blocked Images *

*Read the detail at Top Email Marketing Mistakes | Business Email Marketing Blog - Pinpointe

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