Sunday, 29 July 2012

Random QR Code Sunday

Just a few QR codes I came across this weekend

.....that perhaps could have been thought out a bit better

Dear Frankie and Bennys,if the restaurant is poorly lit..the QR code won't work ( it was so dark my camera wouldn't focus for the shot)


But then, when it does why does it randomly
take me to registration page for VIP offers?

If the QR is meant to lead me to product information


It's probably a good idea to make sure that I can see the information clearly on my mobile screen?

This is the actual size as it appeared on my screen

And I'm not sure why you had to waste the last third of the video by showing me the TV ad?

60 large-scale, science and innovation themed, images and messages are displayed in prime locations around the city of York to highlight the huge contributions across all areas of science and innovation from astronomy and the science of flight to geology and, more recently, biology and information technology.


The QR code takes you to a page that just repeats the information given on the display board. Not sure why you would send me somewhere to read something I have just read? Perhaps send me the list of other exhibits or where I can find them?

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