Thursday, 26 July 2012

IKEA Takes Its Catalogue To The 'App' Level

IKEA's new Catalogue App attempts 'reverse showrooming'

IKEA is one of those success stories that is based on old fashioned bricks and mortar. Much of that success is as a result of one of the most read books on the plant, the IKEA Catalogue.

First published in 1951, it now has a run of over 200 million per annum.

It has a 'shelf life' of about 2 weeks,  so the challenge for IKEA was to be able to extend that period and to take the showroom out of the showroom and into people's homes

''Every year, the IKEA Catalog inspires people around the world to create homes they love. Now, IKEA is taking the inspiration one step further. This year, the IKEA Catalog is alive with smart ideas, fun stories and beautiful products. Download the IKEA Catalog App for your smartphone or tablet, and scan select pages to unlock films, interactive experiences, photo galleries and more home furnishing inspiration. With this year's IKEA Catalog, there are endless possibilities to make your life at home better.'' IKEA USA

According to McCann Vice Chairman/Global Deputy Chief Creative Officer Andreas Dahlqvist, a key goal was to extend the life of the catalogue in consumers' homes. With the digital element, content can be added and updated regularly, making the catalogue relevant for longer

This of course comes at a time when 'showrooming' is seen as a real threat to the bricks and mortar environment and where personalisation of the shopping experience is seen a key to combating that threat - ( see Personalisation In Store post)

Read more about the IKEA app here

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