Monday, 1 February 2010

The one page ALL CUSTOMERS see?

There seems to be no end that supermarkets will go to to make sure that your checkout is as smooth and as quick as possible.

First of all, we generally know exactly where the checkouts are. Then:

Queues getting too long..we'll open another
Want to do it your self..go to the self scan line
Need help with your bagging to ensure you make a quick exit..we'll help.

So why don't the rest of the retail world take note. I abandoned some shopping in BHS the other day because I couldn't find the tills. Surely the most frustrating experience for a customer is having a basket full of goodies but with an experience that causes me to give up and go elsewhere.

So why on earth do online retailers make it too difficult to do this sometimes.

I regularly shop with Ocado and I know they are held in high esteem for the work that they do. In general I think they are great. But why is it that every time I want to check out, they have to lengthen the process by 3 or 4 pages by reminding me of things I bought last time but didn't buy this time. Or encouraging me to buy more because of the current BOGOF. Can you imagine how annoying that would be in a Waitrose store? Could it be that I didn't buy the Lazy Garlic because I don't want it?

If I want reminders, I'll remind you

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