Friday, 19 February 2010

Who will speak to me first..David, Gordon or Nick?

In an article entitled 'Tories make best use of email but all parties flounder on social media', Brand Republic talks about how The Conservative Party seem to be leading the field in terms of email marketing.

Apparently, the Tories sent 12 email messages while Labour sent only one and the Liberal Democrats none at all, according to Return Path, which conducted the research.

The three parties also failed to send immediate welcome messages after people signed up to receive updates. It took the Tories six days send email message and Labour 58 days to do the same.

Surely they can't be that slack?

Well I thought I would do my own little bit of research to see if now that we seem to be in a proper build up to an election, they have cranked up their email marketing in any way? So last night I registered for all main political parties..and I am still waiting my welcome!!

Lets see who decides to speak to me first.


  1. Gianfranco, really good test. Will follow with much interest. Cheers Al

  2. As we are now only a matter of days to Election Day, I thought I should write a couple of posts on how much they actually wanted my vote .
    So lets take a look at the number of emails I got sent

    As of yesterday ( May 4th) the counts stood at

    Labour - 1
    Conservatives - 17
    LibDems - 25

    And no that's not a mistake...Labour actually only sent me 1 email!! I thought it might be a problem with my service so I registered another email address...and that resulted in just the welcome email. Crikey Gordon, I actually wanted to hear what you were saying and your team ignored me!

    So, after Round 1...Labour are thrown out of the contest