Saturday, 2 June 2012

Is it Really That Hard?

As consumers we all live busy lives and more often than not, don't really have the time to give Brands a second opportunity  when they get it wrong

As brands, how difficult is to understand this and do our best to get things right first time with the really easy things?

The Times

I'd love to get free access to your digital version this weekend , thank you

But if this what I get when i click though..

I might not try again

And this follows on from my experience with Kiehl's this week.( Free Shipping, Or Not Free Shipping?)
It's now 4 days since I highlighted the problem 

They never fixed the initial problem,and now when you click on the Free Shipping offer you get sent to another Free Delivery Offer for Father's Day

Now there are certain brands that you might always forgive for making mistakes. In my case, I'll forgive Kiehl's and will no doubt shop with them again...but will point out mistakes to them in the future if I spot something knowing that they might not bother doing anything about it?

In particular when another brand, although slowly, did respond and do something about it

They sent me an email extending the offer. Funnily enough I got a Customer Survey through from Jigsaw this morning and am pretty much positive about the experience

But how likely am I to forgive a brand that I'm not already a customer/fan of?..And what's the impact? Interesting infographic published by FastCompany last year

Original article can be found here

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