Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Experience Matters

Set the scene in a laboratory

A human has 2 buttons to push
Every time they push the small red button food is dispensed
Every time they push the square blue button nothing happens


Every time the human gets hungry they push the red button and will pay little attention if any to the blue
(Ok so maybe this was done somewhere with chimps but I didn't want to hurt any animals in making this blog post)
So, experience matters. As humans we are are obviously wired to go to where we have a rewarding experience.

Now let's get the Brand team involved.

When we ask these subjects, I mean consumers, how they felt about the red button they will probably translate the dispensing of food into statements such as enjoyable experience,

.. A button that matched my lifestyle, for people like me

...something I'd recommend to my friends.

You get the picture
The consumer's experience is defining the brand rather than the actual colour or shape of the button


What if every now and again , the pressing of the red button results in no food? Previous experience results in us giving them a second or third chance because it has served us so well in the past.
But if it continues to fail to meet our expectations, then I can imagine the blue button beginning to seem more attractive...especially as we get hungry

Consistently meeting our expectations to a certain extent buys loyalty - for a while

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