Saturday, 16 June 2012

Favourite Subject Line of the Week

If only because it led to this

Now a few things spring to mind.

I cant quite figure out if this is great segmentation or not. Yes, I haven't shopped with Figleaves for a while now so, so as a reactivation piece it makes sense. But I've only ever bought male products from Figleaves so either they are teasing me a male with a shot of a woman in lingerie or they have ignored me as a male. ( In all fairness I'd rather see a woman in lingerie than a man in a pair of pants )

So I checked my last few emails, and yes they all had lingerie clad women - I wont put them all on here you'll have to take my word for it.

Maybe my personal details were wrong? So I checked them

No, it seems they don't bother segmenting male versus female.

A client of mine once suggested to me the reason they didn't segment male versus female in their fashion newsletters was that they didn't have enough male customers on the base. So I politely asked how many they had. A top of the head figure of 10% was mentioned, with a promise to go check.
After a little checking, a figure of 25% came up. Now considering that as part of their product offering, there was a specific male range it now became obvious that they should be doing something even if mean that part of the email had some male content. enough said, they took the advice and sales of the men's range increased

I was intrigued by the copy at the top right of the email suggesting that I've left something in my basket. 

Especially as it got me to click though to this.

Why would you do that? Again, you 2 possibilities. Either you are trying to trick me into going to the website or you are using some email template from another part of the email programme. Whichever it is, don't do it! It's confusing, wastes my time and actually reduces the chances of me clicking though in the future

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