Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Help Us Give You Good Content

Email content is very regularly based on previous engagement

Email content is more often that not based on what customers have done in the past

  • what they said in the email sign up
  • how they have opened and clicked
  • what their online behaviour looks like
  • What they've bought
As well as obviously some assumptions made by the brand.

But the Brand wont always get it right, perhaps if only because we've not given the customer the right content, based on what customers have done in the past ;-)

so it was nice to see this little addition to the last email I got from Halfords following on from my HMV post on their preference centre ( More of this, less of that )

Leading me to the page with these tick boxes

Although I would perhaps look at re-positioning  and re-phrasing the content

Why at the top are you asking me about car and cycling related products, but only subsequently asking me if I have a car or a bike?

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